O Tannenbaum

I prefer Vince Guaraldi’s arrangement to mine, but there is a pensive quality to droning mmm’s, and I do like the harmonies.

The first lyrics date back as far as 1550. That’s one resilient tune. The melody has been adopted for a handful of state songs: Michigan, Iowa, Florida, Maryland. Apparently, New Jersey also used it at one point, but sadly, they remain the only state not able to pass an official song– they tried adopting 4 songs at the start of the year.

The next traditional I plan on arranging is O Come Emmanuel… played around with it for a few minutes earlier today in d minor. The progression is familiar, but I want to try more of a drone on D. I think a 4-6 part acapella is in order. It’s nice to strip myself from a comfortable instrument, and challenge my voice and ear. So, yes, more all vocal tunes.

O Tannenbaum arrangement,  notation

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