A Broken Pencil for Bach

broken pencil

This was an attempt at fugue writing back in 1999, but it turned into something else; it’s pretty, nonetheless. The recording is from 2007 with 3 guitars.

I really enjoy puzzle-like interaction between harmony and melody. Strumming chords while singing melodies will always be, but I’ve grown to love 3 or more independent lines that suggest chords and are free to move about harmonically.

The first 4 measures outline a C#m(9) and B(add9) twice, and then measures 5 and 6 repeat the rhythmic motif starting up a 4th. The end of measure 7 sets up the repeat to C#m with a sort of vii°7 chord. After that, I threw out traces of a fugue in favor of the melody and harmony I was hearing.

Notation: Broken Pencil for Bach. A fugue attempt © 2010 Ryan Houck. "Write a Song Today."

Notation: Broken Pencil for Bach. © 2010 Ryan Houck. "Write a Song Today."

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  • I don’t expect anyone to know this as it’s an original.

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    dont know this song